Affiliate Program

As a Graphic Novel Creator Affiliate Partner, you can earn a commission for each new customer you refer to Adding one of our banners or text links to your website is a good way to support your visitors' interests, encourage learning, and bring in an additional revenue stream.

How it works

Fill out the Affiliate Program Partner application. Once approved, you can visit the Graphic Novel Creator Affiliate Partner site to find banner ads that suit your needs. You can also create custom, trackable text links. Simply add the banner or text link to your website, social media pages, or email marketing campaigns.

What you get

When someone clicks through to and purchases a membership or registers for a class, the Affiliate Partner earns a 15% commission.

Who can join

We look for qualified Partners with an operational website whose content relates to comic books, art, writing, book publishing, movies, television, or video production. To become a Partner, apply below.

Apply to be a Partner

More questions?

Visit our FAQs page.
Read the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions.


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